Pontesampaio - PONTEVEDRA

The bridge over the river Verdugo divides Concellos Soutomaior and Pontevedra , which already belongs to the parish of Santa Maria de Ponte Sampaio. The bridge ten semicircular arches and sharp embankments witnessed in June 1809 confrontation between the Spanish army and French. Colonel Pablo Morillo ordered to destroy several arches of the bridge and stood up to Marshal Ney on the south bank of the river Verdugo , who could not cope for two days an army of volunteers and peasants finally had to withdraw with heavy casualties .

To visit the church of Santa Maria must exit the route marked and follow the exit of the bridge a few hundred meters down the road. It is of Roman origin , probably from the twelfth century , but the reforms of later centuries impede recognize it as typical of that style. also highlights the baroque rectory .