Convento de San Francisco - PONTEVEDRA

A great part of this building was built in the 14th  century. It is a Franciscan conventual church that represents a masterpiece of the Mendicant order. This order arrived to the city in its first splendor period. The church was declared historical and artistic monument in 1896.
On the inside, it is remarkable the grave of Paio Gómez Chariño, situated in the crossing, at the left of the high altar. Paio Gómez Chariño was a troubadour and admiral. Here you will also find the graves of two noble married couples, presumedly from the late 13th or the early 14th century. It is also outstanding the image of the Nazareno (from the 19th century) and the mural painting from the 16th and 18th centuries, situated on the left part.

Characteristics of Essential

  • Accesibilidad para discapacitados No
  • Centrico Yes
  • Cobran entrada No
  • Visitas guiadas No